Profoto A1 Studio Light / Rs 57,999

The Profoto A2 has a single round head with a soft, smooth fall-off that allows the natural and lovely light. The A1 also features an integrated LED modelling light to facilitate the configuration of light and comprehend how shadow and light function together. And using it is incredibly simple. There is a big, tidy and clear user interface. It's intuitive to use, as all Profoto products, and you don't have to read a lengthy guide to comprehend how it is working. Remote AirTTL to A1 is integrated as well. You can connect to other Profoto flashes seamlessly on the A1 with AirTTL and HSS and readily regulate the professional outcomes from A1. Profoto A1 isn't just a flash on camera but a standalone device that's also extremely efficient off-camera. The A1 has its own high-capacity Li-Ion battery that can be recharged four times more than the unperformed AA battery and is easy to recharge. So you can shoot with trust for longer. Because it recycles four times more quickly than other on-camera alternatives, A1 can keep up with you-1,2s at total power. You're never going to miss a shot, just put.


Moutblanc Document Case / Rs 39,100


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