PROCUS Rush 2.0 (FULL PACK) / Rs 7,199

Image by Procusgo

NEW UPGRADED CHIPSET - Procus Rush Version 2.0, with an upgraded chipset to capture high-quality videos and images.

EXTERNAL MIC - External 2.5mm Microphone helps you to capture sound from all directions with crisp details.

WIRELESS WRIST REMOTE - Controlling the camera, start and stop recording, or framing shots at your convenience.

WATERPROOF - Equipped with a waterproof case, durable underwater to 30m making it ideal for water sports.

BUILT-IN WIFI - Download the App “Procus Camera” and connect with the camera. Review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices.

LONG BATTERY LIFE - It comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each battery can record up to 90 minutes.

SUPER 4K RECORDING - It records video in 4K/30Fps and takes an image at 16M giving you an edge with incredible quality.

FULL PACK INCLUDES - Pack of 25 which includes, Procus Rush Action Camera and 24 accessories.


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