FERRARI 70 years Hardcover / Rs 1,817

Ferrari has become the worlds famous car-maker by combining beauty, efficiency, achievement in racing, exclusivity and Italian style. In the shape of Ferrari's streetcars, all these features coalesce. No sports car manufacturer so consistently set the bar for style and performance between the 125s of 1947, the versatile 340s of the festivities of the 1950s, the stunning 250s and 275s of the 1960s, the Daytona, the shocking F40, the modern hypercars Enzo and LaFerrari. The 70-year record of hits is almost continuous.

Ferrari 70 Years breaks the lid on the history of a sports vehicle from 1948 onwards, but it also covers the early life of Enzo Ferrari with Alfa-Romeo before starting his famous enterprise.

Author Dennis Adler provides a comprehensive background of Maranello's wide sports vehicle spectrum to Ferrari owners and supporters. The comprehensive text of Adler comes with a magnificent photograph and intriguing pictures from the historical archives of Ferrari. No better way to celebrate the wonderful past of Ferrari is simply available.


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