Virgin Galactic Armour Spacesuit / TBA

Traveling in the commercial space is new ,so do the amateur astronauts wear. This Virgin Galactic Armour Spacesuit is the result of a long relationship between Sir Richard Branson and UA CEO Kevin Plank. It's a base layer, a space suit, and shoes. The base is designed to control temperature, humidity, and blood flow, while the space suit has a push-to-talk button, several pockets, elbow and knee body-forming padding, shoulder and neck cushioning, and additional high-tech fabric areas such as Tencel Luxe, SpinIt, and Nomex. Lastly, the space boots are inspired by racecar driver footwear with a lightweight feel, UA clone technology to shape the exact shape of the wearer's foot, and Hovr cushioning for comfort. During the first commercial space flight of Virgin Galactic, Branson will wear his suit; all other suits will also be individually customized to each astronaut.


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