Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses / Rs 21,900

Style: The first audio sunglasses from Bose, Alto Meet Bose Frames. Miniaturized Bose speakers–buried deep in the temples–give you vibrant, immersive audio, while others hear next to nothing. It's a groundbreaking open-ear audio experience that helps you to listen to the world around you while listening to music discreetly. Choose from two timeless styles filled with luxurious highlights and materials such as gold-plated characteristics. In a larger size, Alto provides a classic angular look, while Rondo is more distinct with rounded lenses and a smaller fit. Bose Frames include a seamlessly integrated microphone to make calls and access the virtual assistant of your phone. Up to 99% of UVA / UVB rays are blocked. And it's easy to use them. Connectivity Bluetooth offers problems-free pairing In addition, the Bose Connect app allows you to change settings, download future updates, and more. Each pair of Bose Frames is allowed by Bose AR and ready when available to use the new technology. Bose AR is a revolutionary audio-only approach to augmented reality which uses sound rather than vision to convey the world's information.


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